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For Real UK provides training services for the real world. We have a background in dramatic arts and security risk, we use this as our platform to deliver highly immersive specific training and experiences to our clients.

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Your chance to rehearse life!!

Whilst a large part of our team is made up of performing artists, we also have a full faculty of expertise to call upon. We work with members of all the Emergency Services (Police and police specialists, Ambulance Service including HART Teams, Fire & Rescue Service and Mountain and Lowland Rescue organisations), HM Forces personnel including specialists who have served with UK Special Forces. Our network reaches into government agencies including the Home Office for planning purposes and inter-agency liaison.  

We educate through the medium of creating experiences that are often used in education, are highly immersive, realistic and cross the educational domains.

Our services are used to evaluate and test emergency plans for events ranging from breaking bad news, customer services to major incidents and active terrorist response. 

From the simplest of incidents in the workplace, through to complex, multi-disciplinary and inter-agency events that have an impact on a national scale we work with our clients to achieve workable planning solutions based on lessons-learned through our range of scenarios.

Sometimes it’s not good enough to think you your planning is effective, sometimes you just have to prove it. This is where For Real Training can have the biggest impact on your corporate resilience and emergency planning. Having the confidence that your plans have been formulated and tested and where necessary adjusted, so that your business is better able to face any incident crisis with confidence.

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Corporate Experiences

Would you like to rehearse how you would react in certain situations, customer care, interview techniques etc.

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Major Incident Planning and Training

Being part of your organisations major incident training or smaller in-house training.

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Critical Incident Red Teaming Services

We can plan and organise Red Teaming events that will rigorously challenge you’re plans, policies, systems and assumptions.

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Training Videos for your business

Creating and scripting training videos with company. Casting and working with our production team to create.

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Demonstrations and Invisible theatre

Would you like to demonstrate your services for the public we can provide the actors?

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Campaign design and Media

Do you have a message to put out to the public? We can help to design this using our creative team.

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Theatre in Education

Do you have a message you would like to educate other about?



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