Penetration testing

When organising training for your business there is always an element of your staff that knows what is about to happen and they can prepare themselves for it.

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Real Life Training For Real Life Threats

With our penetration testing services, you will only tell us what you would like to achieve and by what date…. The rest is down to us. This enables yourself and your team to react with no prior knowledge and as real as possible. Maybe you would like to test your staff’s customer care standards, how secure your facilities are or what information staff give away regarding the business, whatever you would like to test for this service makes it possible.

We also work closely with specialists from all walks of life to ensure that the Penetration test is bespoke and factually accurate. This is a successful service as it gives your staff who usually plan the training the opportunity to either observe or take part properly as they don’t have prior knowledge to what will happen. After the test our team supplies a detailed report and debrief.



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