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Whether you have an existing in-house training package that you wish to bring to life using actors or you require to put a course/workshop/event on with a specific message you would like to put across For Real UK can help you to this.

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For Real can fit in to your already existing training by having a meeting with you and your teams to help to script scenarios/ exercises to help to bring realism into your training. Over the years we have learnt that people dread in house role play training as they worry they may be asked to role play themselves playing the part of a disgruntled employee etc. but by allowing for Real to take on all Role Play elements this enables your staff to take the training more seriously and stop the dread of being asked to perform something out of their comfort zone and allow your staff to immerse themselves completely within the training.

We also offer the services of writing bespoke courses and workshops for your businesses. We will sit and discuss with you what you would like to achieve and make sure you are with us every step of the way when designing this bespoke experience. We work with a large number of professionals from all industries to ensure we are giving the correct information when designing these experiences. We also have a large number of Trainers and Lecturers that we call upon who are able and qualified to deliver various experiences.

We can design and deliver Training days, workshops and table top exercises.



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