Theatre In Education

Believe it or not Theatre can have place in every workplace, school and college…. We do this through a number of methods.

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Immersive Training 

Plays and monologues – we can script a play or monologue to be performed to an audience of your choice to put out the message that you wish to.

Forum Theatre – we can produce a production for you that is fully immersive with your audience to achieve your learning outcomes. The play is acted out to the audience of your choice, once it has been shown once, we then perform it again but this time we give the audience the chance to change the play throughout. If they see somewhere within the play that they feel a character should do something differently they can either step in themselves and the actors will improvise the outcome from the change they made or if the audience member feels uncomfortable to step in themselves they can direct the actor with what to say to change the outcome.

Hot Seating – An actor will create a desired character that your company which to explore, it may be portraying a customer, a person from management or a person of interest. This actor can then be questioned by teams to experience asking questions and interacting with the character. This method is very popular in learning environments as actors can portray people or characteristics that students are studying.



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