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In our own lives we need to create our own ‘Life Faculty’

We can test ourselves in every type of training to prepare us for any situation we may come across in our work but what is the hardest test we can prepare for? …. think about it? …. yes, life!!! Life has so many lessons it wants to teach us, constantly testing our strengths and weakness daily.

Forum Theatre

There’s nothing like a bit of drama in the workplace, so long as it’s the positive type.This type of training is proving really popular within many different workplaces as it can be adapted into any subject. I will now attempt to explain how this type of...

Major Incident Training

It’s that time of year… Major Incident training. Some of you reading this may instantly think about the organisational side? All the emails? The never ending meetings? The phone calls? Some of you may think about the actual exercise? Who needs to be there?...

Corporate Experiences

Let’s be honest … most people dread any sort of training or team building days at work! People get very uncomfortable at the thought of having to get up to role play or speak in front of colleagues. That sudden dread of your boss/tutor/trainer looking...



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